CSM Fitness is an international, wholesale fitness equipment provider

If you are an international gym equipment dealer in the UAE are planning to open a gym, we can assist. The gym equipment industry and gyms in general in the UAE and Dubai are growing in popularity. We’ve had a tremendous amount of experience shipping containers of fitness equipment all across the world. Specifically, we have also shipped countless containers to Dubai.

At CSM Fitness Equipment, we have decades of experience in assisting with international customers and shipping. We have team members that are fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese; and are available to help with any purchasing or shipping needs.

We are able to communicate with our customers through multiple platforms such as; Telephone, Email, WhatsApp and Social Media. In addition, we accept wire transfers; providing a simple payment method for our customers anywhere in the world.

Our staff is highly trained in composing importation documentation and will provide; Bill of Ladings, Certificate of Origins, Packing Slips, Original Invoices and any other documentation necessary for our customers. We also specialize in packing containers and our staff is exceptionally experienced in loading containers to maximize space and minimize damage risks. We also have proper knowledge of material requirements and restrictions for international countries and will choose packing materials accordingly to avoid penalties at the ports.

At CSM Fitness Equipment, we are able to complete entire transactions from picking units, to shipping them to our customers’ countries of choice without our customers ever stepping foot in our warehouse. We highly encourage our customers to visit our 100,000 square foot warehouse in Southern California, just south of Los Angeles, and see our extensive inventory for themselves. Our sales staff is happy to help our customers pick and test all units before loading or selling the units.
CSM Fitness Equipment warehouse : Life Fitness Signature Line CSM Fitness Equipment Warehouse : Cardio CSM Fitness Equipment Warehouse : Freeweight (Leg Press)

If you are interested, send us an email at admin@csmfitness.com or fill out the contact form.

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