Solajet DRYWAVE Massage Bed

Solajet Massage Bed

History & the basics of the Solajet DRYWAVE Massage Bed

The Solajet DRYWAVE Hydromassage bed was designed by DRYWAVE Technologies, with the mission “To help make the world feel better.” Originally, the innovators of DRYWAVE wanted to create a massage experience gentle, but effective enough for wound-care patients. What they found was that mechanical massage machines proved to be too rough for therapy on wounded clients, but that hand-massage was a far too time-consuming and costly therapy method.

The Solajet DRYWAVE hydromassage bed can provide effective therapy to wound-care patients through a warm water deep-tissue massage. This gentle, but effective massage therapy provides heat and a flushing motion throughout the massage session; which improves blood and lymphatic circulation. The increased blood and lymphatic circulation assists in the oxygenation of blood cells, helps flush toxins and reduces pain in the healing process.

Who would benefit from having a Solajet DRYWAVE massage bed in their facility?

The Solajet DRYWAVE massage bed makes a great addition to any health or fitness facility. Since the Solajet massage experience only takes 15 minutes and doesn’t require the client to change or wear special attire, it can be sold as an add-on to a spa treatment or gym membership. Day Spa owners have been offering the Solajet massage as an add-on service to treatments such as facials, to create a full-body experience. Fitness facility owners offer the Solajet as an add-on to memberships for their users to get a pre or post-workout massage to help loosen stiff muscles and prevent and heal sports injuries.

Solajet DRYWAVE Technology

The Solajet DRYWAVE Hydromassage bed is designed, developed, marketed, Serviced and Sold in the USA, and marketed internationally.

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