Cybex 750C Upright BikeThe Cybex 750C Upright bike is built for users of all ranges and sizes. The resistance ranges from 20 watts up to 900 watts; providing a challenge for the newest and most advanced of users. The bike runs of Cybex’s self-tensioning belt system, allowing the bike to create “drag” or resistance. There are 9 different pre-programmed workouts and 21 different levels of intensity as well as heart rate monitoring. The bike features a welded frame made from forged steal, and is built for durability and low maintenance. The extra large pedals are double-sided and suitable for feet of all sizes and shape. There are also transport wheels built into the frame to make it easy to move and store in any home or commercial fitness center.

Price: $550

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions: 48″H x 61″L x 23″W (122 cm x 155 cm x 58 cm)
Unit Weight: 141 lbs. (64 kg)
Maximum user weight: 400 lb (181 Kg)
Power Requirements: None