Precor C954 TREADMILLThe Precor C954 Treadmill, similar to the C956 treadmill, is generally known for its durability and ease on the knees’, legs’, and lower back; a feature known as the Ground Effects Impact Control System. Additionally, through the Integrated Footplant Technology, the Precor C954 is able to adjust to the runner/walkers foot speed, which is particularly beneficial because it allows the runner/walker to have more control over their body, and a heightened sense of balance. The Precor C954 is also generally known for its 10 preprogrammed courses, which include: interval, heart rate, weight loss, goal course, two custom courses (which can be tailored to any individual or training style), cross country, fitness test, manual, and random training.
Particular to the STATURE of the C954 is a low body structure; a desirable feature because it offers the owner the ability to easily move and assemble the treadmill. It also includes a monitor that displays: calories, calories per minute, distance, heart rate, incline, MET’s, pace, SmartRate, speed, and time. Finally, also included in the body of the C954 are the following FEATURES: telemetry, QuickStartTM, reversible deck, touch-sensitive display, and a water bottle holder.


Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions 84″ L x 36.75 ” W x 55 ” H (213.4 cm x 93.3 x 139.7cm )
Unit Weight: 365 lb (164.3 Kg)
Incline 0-12%
Speed 0.5-12 mph (1-19.3 km/h)
Motor: 3.2 hp