We have used barbell sets and Olympic plates in stock! Sizes vary and inventory on used weights changes constantly.


GP Industries 3-20lbs Used Dumbbell Set
$125GP Industries Dumbbell Set 3-20lbs

*Rack not Included*


  Iron Grip Used EZ Curl Barbell Set 20-110lbs
$650Iron Grip EZ Curl Barbell Set 20-110lbs

**Barbell Racks are not included in the Pricing


Iron Grip Used Textured Olympic Plate 45lbs
  GPI Used Olympic Plate 45lbs
Standard Used Olympic Plate 45lbs

Used Weights Packages are sold “As Is”, will not be broken up. No substitutions or exceptions. Dumbbell and Barbell Racks are not included in the Pricing. If you are to purchase a rack please Click Here