Indoor Cycling & Spin Bike History™

Indoor Group Cycling; first introduced as Spinning™ in the 1990’s, by Johnny Goldberg and Mad Dogg Athletics; is now one of the most popular group exercise options available. Small group training classes are now believed to be one of the number one factors of client retention for a health or fitness club; and Indoor Cycling is amongst the most popular options in group training classes.

Johnny G w Spin Bike

In the late 1980’s Johnny Goldberg (Johnny G) hand-built his first indoor cycling bike to be able to train indoors during crude weather and at night when outdoor training proved to be dangerous. He built a few more units by-hand after that and turned his garage into a Spinning™ studio. In 1990, when the demand for his classes grew, he opened his first Spinning™ studio in Santa Monica; then later after procuring his trademark, he opened a new studio in Culver City. In 1994, Rolling Stone Magazine highlighted his spinning™ class as one of the “hottest” exercises.

Mad Dogg First Spin Bike

In 1995, after spending 10 years perfecting his method, Johnny G introduced his bike and Spinning™ class concepts at IHRSA. In 2000, Star Trac purchased the Johnny G Spinner™ production rights. After this, in 2002, they launch two new Spinner™ models; the Spinner® Pro™ and Spinner® Elite™; followed by the launch of the NXT™ in 2004.


Now, there are dozens of manufacturers that produce indoor cycling bikes; not to be confused with the trademarked Spinning™ bikes. Today, over 100,000 instructors have been trained and certified by Mad Dogg Athletics, and Spinning™ is a household name recognized globally.

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