Designing Your Gym

When you’re getting ready to open or design a gym, there are many factors to consider; whether it’s going to be a home gym or commercial fitness facility. Start by shopping around and getting an idea of what you want to put in your gym. Until you know what you’re going to put in your fitness center you won’t know just how much space you’re going to need. In addition to making sure you have enough square footage, don’t forget to check ceiling heights and equipment height. Some machines such as StepMills, squat cages and smith machines all can require at least a 9’ ceiling height. Also, commercial cardio machines that are not self-powered, such as Treadmills and StepMills, may require some additional electrical work to ensure your facility can keep the machines powered.









In addition to making sure you won’t have space issues, you should also test all the machines before you purchase them. Test out a few different manufacturers before making a decision and choose according to what will most fit the needs of your fitness facility. Flooring is also a detail that gets overlooked. Putting down simple rubber flooring can protect the existing floors from scratches and dents from bigger machines and freeweights. Make sure you have workout options that cover all muscle groups to ensure you or your customers can have a well-rounded workout regimen.

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