Precor EFX556i Experience

The Precor EFX 556i Experience is just another example of Precor’s ability to make working out and losing weight as painless as possible. The benefit of having a no impact feature makes this piece of equipment easy on the knee, hip, and lower back joints, which accounts for a virtually painless workout. The user can choose from either forward or reverse stride, coupled with resistance and cross training options for a more enjoyable and challenging workout. The 556i Experience is designed to focus on the quads, hamstrings, and calves to cut calories and obtain stronger legs and glutes at the same time.

Price: $650

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Condition: Used, Functioning
Contact Heart Rate Yes
Dimensions: 80” x 32” x 68” (203 x 81 x 173 cm)
Unit Weight: 326 lbs (148 kg)
Power Requirements: None, Self Powered, Cordless